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due august 2020!

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

most of you already know this, we’re pregnant!

the day i found out + were we trying

truth bomb, we were not trying. but what a beautiful blessing! AND we are SO beyond excited. another truth bomb, i miss & have late periods all the time. sometimes my healthy/active lifestyle causes me to not have a period for a few months. it’s totally normal! you see where the story is going? when i am a few days late, i don’t usually freak out.

this time was different! i knew. i had just got back from NYC, a business & play trip. good thing i had my last few dirty martinis, little did i know. i was due for my period & was late. not worried though, why would i be? like i said i missed periods all the time. well 5 days later my boobs started THROBING. not period throbbing, you’re pregnant throbbing. didn’t know that yet doeeee. the boob pain was REAL. the day i took my tests was the last day i ate sushi, good timing. it was a friday, 12/20! i remember the day so vividly because i had lunch planned with my bestie & was going to ATX for some business. at lunch i had already made the decision to go buy some pregnancy tests afterwards, bring on the positive tests!

lol to buying one pack of generic brand & one pack of bouji ones. as if one would be better? when you’re pregnant, your pregnant. TRUE AF. i went home & took three tests….ALL POSITIVE. i immediately started crying tears of joy. NOW WHAT?

telling carlos + family. AND the big announcement.

you guys i held off from telling carlos for TWO WHOLE DAYS. i had two options! one was to tell him at hanukkah dinner, which we were hosting that sunday. OR wait till christmas! yaaaaa girl went to a holiday party on sat & hid her pregnancy. legit nobody knew, including carlos, that i was not drinking. she hid it well!

okay on sunday, two days after i found out, i couldn’t hold on anymore! we were hosting hanukkah dinner, so it was a good opportunity to tell carlos & the fam. but first, carlos! i wanted him and i to share a special private moment. SO i got a gift bag and wrapped all the pregnancy tests in it. after we ate breakfast, i told carlos I had a hanukkah gift for him. this was a red flag, he should have known. we usually don’t buy materialistic things for each other. we would rather spend our moniessss on other things. shooook he was like. really? okay! AND CUE TEARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. see vid above! he was the most excited i have ever seen him. tears of joy! emotions! ALL OF IT. in that instant i fell more in love with him! we spent a while talking, crying, cheering & celebrating! he couldn’t believe i held onto this BIG secret for two days! tbh, neither could i. lol

how to tell the family? we knew it was still a bit early, but holding it in wasn’t something we could do. we were expecting our families over for dinner, so what better way than to fill some baby bottles with wine? SO when our parents asked for wine, they got the bottles. honestly, they were confused af. it took a minute for them to get it, but when they did. THEY DID. everyone was so excited!

how to tell the world? aka YOU guys + friends! of course, the most important thing was to wait till our first appointment. which i will get into that later on! but for now, how we announced! after feeling comfortable that we were in a good place with the babies health & got the green light from the dr., it was time to plan!

knowing my 30th bday was 2/1 & it was valentines season, i started looking for heart shaped balloons! cue the idea to put messages on the heart shaped balloons to match those seasonal candies! AND guess what. my idea existed…apparently i wasn’t the only smart one out there! haha. legit etsy is GOLD. ordered the balloons & planned a video/photoshoot! i had the idea of creating a fun video because it made it feel more genuine. AND i wanted to include carlos & i’s reactions! + have keepsake of this memory. we dropped the announcement on the gram the week of my 30th bday. here is the exact post….still crying. it was so wonderful to share the news with the world!

1st trimester: week 1-13

our first appointment was so exciting. and a bit scary! like nobody told me i was about to see my baby & hear it’s heartbeat. cue alllll the realness. cue alllll the emotions. carlos and i left our first appointment ready for this new adventure! to be honest the first apt we just took it all in & listened to my dr. i didn’t go in guns blazing with questions, because i wanted to learn!

all i can say is kolaches! give me all the kolaches. for someone who hadn’t had a kolache in a LONG time, i made up for the void. REAL QUICK. i feel so blessed that i did not have any morning sickness, just a few really bad nausea moments. but, i’ll take it! the biggest thing was exhaustion. i felt V tired! hello my body was preparing to grow a human! and most of your first trimester nobody knows, so acting not tired was hard. for the most part, this trimester was filled with lot’s of random carbs. i was like the postcard pregnant woman: carbs, pickles & bagels! not sure how i did it, but i taught all my classes and operated as normal. proud of this body!

2nd trimester: week 14 -27

it’s true! you feel the entrance into your second trimester, in a good way. in tri 2 i didn’t feel as tired, felt more myself & was able to eat more to my habits. nothing crazy honestly! the biggest change was my belly, WE WERE GROWIN. other than that, all the normal stuff. but, due to covid, my emotions were very much tested. i will have to do a whole separate post about being pregnant through covid19/ a pandemic, because lot’s to discuss. too much for this post! at this point in my pregnancy covid19 was taking over the world & shifting everyone’s lives! i stayed true to listening to my body & doing what was best for my pregnancy. all while trying to manage the effects the pandemic was taking on me.

gender reveal time

we did our gender reveal during trimester 2, boy or girl? i know some wait, that was not going to be us. we wanted to know! call it mothers instinct, but i knew it was a boy! i just felt it. everything in me said boy. but of course, we only had a girl name. lol go figure. we did not know! i got the gender in an envelope and gave it directly to my best friend, chelsea! she was the only one who knew up until the gender reveal. like 3 weeks! the ultimate secret keeper!

originally we wanted to do a big gender reveal with friends & family, but covid19 took over those plans. SO we decided to limit our attendees to immediate family only. still making it SO special! + threw in a fun theme to spice things up! i can’t take any credit for all the amazing decor. my sister-in-law, erika, did it all! if ya need help for party planning… she slays!

it’s a….


3rd trimester: week 28 – 40

how am i already in my third tri!? currently bumpin af, i am #31weekspregnant. and hunny i feel it! this boy is growing like crazy. swear, i wake up bigger bumpin daily. this trimester got me feeling a little anxious. like this kid is basically here, lol. so far, so good. honestly, i am starting to feel more hungry & tired. the one thing that has been hard to deal with is my new bestie….heartburn! EW. legit feels like my chest is on fire. according to the old wives tale, it means he is growing hair! i guess we will find out soon.

i am now going to the dr. every two weeks! and soon it switches to once a week. AH. that just means we are getting REAL close. at this point everything seems to be going on track & no new updates. i am stull due 8/13, full term! but you never know!

baby shower

i wasn’t sure if i would be having a baby shower a few weeks ago because of the pandemic, but stayed hopeful! as of right now, it’s on for early july. i just picked out the theme, but you’ll have to stay tuned for that. it’s SO cute. i think motherhood has taught me how to keep a secret better. HA. i can’t wait to celebrate welcoming this little man surrounded by friends & family.

birth plan

so many people have asked me what my birth plan is. in all honesty, i am taking it day by day. my hope is to have a healthy & peaceful labor/birth. i don’t want to over complicate anything. i am still in the planning stages of my birth plan! there are a few things i know for sure. one, i only want carlos in the room. two, i will make a really wonderful birth playlist to keep us calm. three, yes to epidural.

his name is a secret

simple, it’s a secret! BUT I AM OBSESSED. it’s beautiful, but i’m biased.

stay tuned

i can’t wait to share more! this journey is JUST getting started.

much love,

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