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here’s the truth, no BS. AND it’s possible that after reading this i might not be a good fit for you! np, let’s set the tone. here is what you will always get with me: honesty, transparency and a real kick in the ass. when choosing a coach or consultant, you should look for someone that has all three traits and isn’t afraid to use them. why waste your time and money? am i right! my journey hasn’t been easy, but that’s what makes me good at my job. i have been through just about all of it. sometimes failing and sometimes succeeding, but always learning along the way. let me guide you, help you and push you! this isn’t an easy journey, let’s take it together.

questions asked the most:

why should i hire you?

thing i have accomplished include: worked the 8-5, built the side hustle, created a brand & following, raised the funds for a business, written a business plan, opened more than one brick and mortar, created class programing, trained instructors, managed teams, negotiated contracts, built landlord relations, dealt with client conflict…and the list goes on!

theFITista standing next to Dance Houst Fitness banner


theFITista in a orange dress standing next to gray couch


do you guarantee results? and how long do they take?

results are driven by commitment, time & dedication to execution. nothing happens overnight! AND this journey is not guaranteed to work out for everyone, nor is it for everyone. i don’t feed you lies or feed you what you want to hear, i always keep it 100. depending on the services you are seeking & goals you are trying to achieve will determine the time frame recommended. most of my clients seek retainer options, but that depends on what you want/need.

what is the cost/investment?

you are investing in the untapped potential i help guide you towards! investment depends on the services you are seeking and the time allocated for execution. i always try to find solutions for your budget. my goal is to achieve greatness without wasting anyone’s time or money. with me there are no surprises, you get a budget/price & we stick to it.

theFITista in all white with Louis Vuitton purse


theFITista in workout gear with a head microphone


what services do you offer?

i offer a wide range of services, found here. with a niche & expertise in fitness, i have created a  separate service list for those clients, found here.

do you take out of town clients?

the short answer is yes! i love to meet & work with clients from all over. options for out of town clients are vast, let’s talk!

theFITista in dhf gear at the beach


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