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sweat with me

you want a killer bod? you want to feel your ultimate best? TIME TO SWEAT. there is no magic pill to get the abs you always dreamed of! it takes sweat equity sista. AND the proper nutrition + lifestyle! for over 5 years i have made it my mission to inspire you babes through my weekly classes in studio and via theFITista. truth bomb: be patient & trust the process!

questions you babes ask the most:

how to loose weight?

this could be a long answer, but here is the shortened version. you need to start building a healthy sustainable lifestyle that includes the combination of proper nutrition & consistent workouts. weight-loss is attained over time, don’t rush it or take the easy way out. learn & understand what works for your body. AND don’t compare yourself to others! restricting yourself will only lead to binge eating, learn balance & maintain it!

theFITista before and after weight loss


theFITista pink top and black bottoms with sunglasses and a pink headband stretching


how often should i be doing cardio?

i get this question ALL the time! cardio is important, but it’s not everything. yes, cardio helps burn fat! it is recommended to do a cardio 3-5 times a week depending on your goals. that being said, spice it up! clearly dance cardio is my favorite not only because it’s fun, but it drives results. find a cardio outlet you enjoy!

will lifting weights make me bulky?

this is a HUGE myth! lifting weights is how you achieve toned lean muscles. lifting weights aids in sculpting your body! the “bulking” would come from increase in food intake & specific caloric dense foods, not lifting weights alone. don’t be shy of the weight room! get to know what weight class you are comfortable with and take it from there.

theFITista flexing for a selfie


theFITista in black and purple workout gear with sunglasses tying her shoes


how do you find time to workout?

you have heard it over and over again, but it’s the answer. simple, you make time! the best advice i give is to plan your sweat/workout schedule at the start of the week. this will allow you to stay accountable! AND do what works for you. it’s not about working out for hours, it’s about doing efficient productive workouts.

what supplements should i be taking? if any?

simple answer, supplements aren’t a must. AND it is important to remember that they are just that, supplements. they are not the answer to all your health and fitness goals! BUT with that, supplements can be very useful & helpful depending on your goals. my three must haves are (1) protein, (2) pre-workout & (3) BCAA. that being said, there are several more that i take depending on the goals i am targeting! the main thing to note is that you need to educate yourself in the products you are taking, do your research!

theFITista in pink workout gear sipping red juice in a glass


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