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consulting services

✔︎ goal setting & business foundations

✔︎ business kickoff & brainstorm

✔︎ strategy planning

✔︎ brand/business development

✔︎ brand & ideal client identification

✔︎ personal development

✔︎ digital & social media

✔︎ strategic marketing

✔︎ campaign creation

✔︎ community building


3 stages of building a successful business


if not now, then when? the foundation of your business is a key element to its longevity & success. without proper planning, your business will not reach it’s ultimate potential!


once a plan of action is put in place, it’s time to develop! this stage is crucial to understanding the ins and outs of your business. this is where all the details are sorted out! determine your niche, your core message & your ideal client. walk away from the development stage feeling confident & ready to have a thriving business.


it’s go time! it’s time to scale & grow your business through strategic planning, brand development and proper outreach so that you can achieve your ultimate potential.

what is included

book a 15 minute call with jenny

*currently taking clients for 2024 (in person & virtually)

*average investment starts at $225/hr

1 on 1 client



when working with jenny you can expect a dedicated, precise and hands on approach. her methods will keep you accountable, honest & growing. be prepared to explore your business ins and outs with a pros feedback! with each session her goal is for you to walk away feeling confident & ready to thrive in your business.

work with a

leading expert


you are directly working & learning from someone who has done it all! jenny has done the 8-5, quit the 8-5, written a business plan, funded a business, created a brand, developed programing, launched a brand, opened a brick-and-mortar & created an online platform AND much much more.  jenny has truly done it all!



with jenny it’s about finding solutions that fit & work for the success of your business! if something isn’t working, she adjusts and keeps moving. if you want results, allow jenny to guide you! without a direct & clear vision, results will never come.

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