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a note from jenny

fun fact my real name is yevgeniya & i speak russian fluently (SAY WHAT?). don’t worry you can call me jenny! plot twist, i’m originally from russia and immigrated to america when i was 2! yas hunni the ultimate rags to riches life journey. recently ya girl is new to thirty & thriving. i found love with the most amazing bearded man, carlos. AND we are new parents! family is everything to me. planners are my saving grace. will never refuse a good conversation in good company. fascinated with different cultures. have been known to dance when good music is playing… don’t tempt me! my ultimate dream is to help impact as many lives as i can. this is my purpose, my calling! let me help you via sweat, growth & business!

much love,

jenny sanchez logo mark

from her weight loss journey to theFITista

jenny sanchez is a master group fitness instructor, fitness/business consultant & entrepreneur based in houston, texas. she is the creator, founder & owner of theFITista, theFITista consulting , we thrive society & dance house fitness. her passion for health and fitness came about from a personal weight loss journey! after college, she lost 50+ lbs the right way. the way that took years of pure dedication, focus and discipline. theFITista was launched during that time to help keep herself accountable, but quickly became a go to for women all over the world to feel motivated. she never in her wildest dreams thought it would become what it is today!

theFITista in pink and orange workout gear and a white beanie stretching
theFITista in pink and orange workout gear and a white beanie stretching

from the 8-5 grind to boss babe

jenny’s classes will leave you feeling encouraged, inspired & motivated!

​she wasn’t always a serial entrepreneur, after college she balanced it all. jenny worked a full time oil & gas career by day and fueled her passion for helping others by teaching group fitness classes by night. teaching spin, dance & weight training classes at some of the most recognized local & national fitness entities helped her learn the do’s and don’ts of the industry. at one point teaching 20 classes a week on top of her 8-5 career, omfg. after over 5 years in the corporate world, she decided it was time to get risky! leaving her 6 figure career to open up her own studio, dance house fitness! it was a true entrepreneurial journey, no handouts!

started from the bottom, now we here! that’s a wholeeee other story, she might even write a book about it.

jenny made it her mission to redefine the world of boutique fitness. as the owner of dance house fitness (DHF), she combines her love for dance, group fitness & music! her goal is to continue to innovate & cultivate uniquely designed classes that keep her clients inspired to become their ultimate best self. don’t be fooled by the rocks that she got, this fiery russian will keep you on your toes through each & every class.


Ready to get started

walk away feeling confident & ready to thrive in your life AND business. 

more work. less bs.

in 2019 jenny took things a step further and launched theFITista consulting, her very own consulting firm! a consulting firm focused on helping businesses thrive. with a niche & expertise in fitness, she is uniquely qualified to help grow instructors & fitness studios across the globe. in under 6 months, she has partnered with over 6 studios & worked with over 100+ instructors! but that’s not all, she helps all sorts of business grow: big or small! her skillsets are vast and for that she’s one of the best. but, there is no sugar coating with jenny. expect honesty and loyalty when working with this boss babe.


in her off time, when she has it, jenny enjoys spending time with her hubby/family! she treasures the moments spent relaxing and unwinding, a good pedicure never hurt nobody. her favorite treat meal is sushi & she loves going to the movies. when it comes to travel, she will always choose a beach over the mountains (even though her hubby disagrees). surprisingly her favorite color is black, hello powerful & sexy. jenny is someone you can always count on to brighten your day! she loves seeing others happy & healthy.

theFITista wearing white hat, sunglasses, blue and white summer outfit, and black purse

theFITista consulting is growing and thriving 

when you feel like quitting, think about why you started

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