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weight loss story

check out how my story goes. i love spreading knowledge. my goal is to motivate and inspire thousands all over the world! remember doing it the hard way is the only way. put in the sweat equity & build the healthy habits….don’t skip steps. you got this!

much love,

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the student became the expert

the student became the expert, that’s me! and it was a journey honey, still is!


my whole life i was considered overweight, according to the doctor charts. i lived in the l or xl world. that was the only world i knew. from a young age, i always struggled with weight. strangely enough, we never had soda or junk food growing up. but because i had two immigrant parents who worked full-time to make a better life for our family, i found myself eating school lunches and going out to eat often. and tbh, i always been curvy af. okay, ok! as a dancer, i always struggled to fit into the dancer body expectation. body image & confidence were two areas of thought i had to really learn to be positive in. getting older i learned a lot about healthy eating & things started to progress. there was a point in my adolescent life where a healthy lifestyle was something i adapted to well!

but, then came college. and with college came weight gain! eating out, partying & not taking care of myself were alive & well. i hate to admit it, but i fell into the stereotype.


after gaining 45+ pound after a heartbreak in college, i graduated knowing things had to change! i took my life back, literally. in 2012, i managed to lose about 25 pounds strictly through cardio and healthy eating. in january 2013, i decided it was time to step it up! i hired a trainer three times a week who only focused on weightlifting with me. for a year i learned so much from him. he taught me all the basics and challenged me. however, i was still responsible for maintaining my nutrition and cardio workouts. the result? i lost another 25 pounds. 50 pounds, gone!! by january of 2014, i developed solid habits and was able to maintain my new, healthy lifestyle all on my own. i never stop challenging myself!

it's your journey!

things to recognize when starting your journey, it’s your journey! in other words, don’t compare yourself to others. stick to your plan of action, your healthy meal plans & your workouts. for some the journey is easier than others, it’s just the plain truth. but, that doesn’t mean you give up! to sustain a healthy lifestyle, it has to become a part of your everyday routine. learn it, sustain it & stick to it! i have truly been in every weight category, i speak from experience.


when you start a weight loss journey, you will realize it becomes a huge priority in your life, and it might even seem like a minor obsession. naturally, at the beginning of my journey i began sharing my success via social media on instagram and facebook.

after a few months, my friends suggested that i start another account to focus only on the transformation pictures, food choices, and workout posts. this is how the original theFITista was created! can you believe i came up with the name in about 10 minutes? who knew theFITista would soon change my life in such a drastic way! what began as a personal way to track my journey has become a destination for thousands to receive motivation, tips, and inspiration! over the last few years, thefitista has grown tremendously. this journey let me to teaching group fitness classes, training thousands of clients, opening my own studio & now consulting!

stop wishing start doing

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