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where to start?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

starting is the first step. AND the hardest start! i would be lying if i said starting your fitness journey is easy. it’s not, it takes time! finding you path in fitness can be hard, but the right support system & workout will ease the journey. REAL QUICK.

trial & error

first things, first! you gotta find a workout that fits your lifestyle & keeps you engaged. AND motivated. more often than not, people give up on working out because it feels more like a chore. that should not be the case! you should enjoy working out! if you are reading this and thinking…ugh that is 100% me, then listen up.

trial and error is a thang! before you find the workout that gets you excited, you might have to try a few different types. you will know when it’s right! you’ll feel empowered, inspired & wanting more. THAT IS THE GOAL!


one of the best ways to start a fitness journey is finding the right accountability! this might be in the form of a coach, trainer, instructor, friend or even online support community. doing things alone is much harder! seek what works for you. touch base as frequently as you need to in order to continue moving forward! even the best of the best have support!

that being said, self-accountability is V important. you cant rely on others fully. you have to be accountable on your own. this has a lot to do with building discipline. for some discipline comes easier than others!

accountability is key!

plan for success

if you know that you can’t stick to a schedule or routine very well without planning, then PLAN. in fact, if you are new to working out, it should be a MUST. set yourself up for success by rounding up your workouts for the week. this includes planning the workout, time & location! AND stick to it! the routine you build by planning will result in long term success, trust me. this is something i still do as an expert. AND this helps with accountability.

plan with purpose, succeed with intention!

keep going

it can be really easy to get off track, that’s life. it wouldn’t be a journey if there weren’t some bumps along the way, am i right? YAS. the best advice i have for someone who is struggling to keep going is to refresh & reboot. in other words, take a moment to reflect on WHY you aren’t into it anymore. it could be a few reasons! one, maybe you aren’t seeing results. a V common reason people give up. to that i say, results don’t happen overnight. give yourself time & grace. two, maybe you aren’t enjoying your workout. to that i say, find a new one! the good news is there is SO much out there. hello insert DHF DIGITAL plug here! it might be you just need to go back to the drawing board.

plain and simple, don’t give up! keep going. keep pushing. find a community you can embed yourself in. find accountability that works for you.

the scale

bitch bye. is that too aggressive? listen, i am writing this 31 weeks prego okay. the scale is NOT my friend. OR yours. here’s why! it’s like a frenemy. is that how you spell frenemy? i don’t fucking know. anyways, you get it. the number on reason people give up on their fitness goals is due to the number on the scale not dropping fast enough. trust me, i used to be one of those people.

how to avoid freaking out due to the number on the scale. first and foremost, the one thing you need to recognize is that muscle weighs more that fat. you have heard that a milllli times, but it’s true. SO what does that mean for you? it means don’t over think the number. the scale is there to support your progress, sure. don’t allow it to take over your mind!

create a scale checkin! in other words, rather than checking the number daily, set a specific date/time for a weigh in. even then, you might not want this option! but don’t get on that scale daily. just don’t!

other ways to measure your success

i like to see how my clothes fit! those favorite pair of jeans not being so tight is the best feeling. being able to down size when shopping, win! inches over the number on the scale. another way is how strong you are getting! maybe you can push harder & longer in your workouts without taking a break, that is a win. maybe you feel more energized, win!

success is measured in so many ways! stay focused & celebrate your wins along the way.

up your game

know when it’s time to take things up a notch! in order to not hit a plateau, you have to keep trying to challenge yourself. up your game! you’ll know when it’s time. as you get stronger & more physically fit, your body will allow you to do more. don’t be scared of the push, of the challenge! go up in weights, push harder, don’t take as many breaks… all great ways to up your game.

much love,

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