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free marketing, no excuse!

as promised via IG, over the next 5 weeks you can expect an in depth breakdown of my 5 key elements to launching/starting your own biz! last week we covered what business structure options you have. if you missed it, take a read! this week i am covering the importance of acquiring & using FREE marketing tools! for anyone starting a biz, this is knowledge is essential.

time to get social babe!

dhf announces their closure for the covid-19 pandemic

first things first, you can't do biz without securing your "@" handles. in fact, as soon as you have your final biz name chosen, securing your marketing/social media handles is of high priority. pro tip: when creating your biz name, check to make sure it's available on social media! in my opinion, having the name of your biz/brand be your handle is of the upmost importance. hello consistency & brand recognition! truth bomb: you might not be into social media personally, but your biz better be. the power of FREE marketing via social media is too important not to utilize it. think about the outreach potential your biz/brand can have!

below are my top media marketing tools! i use them daily. did i mention they are all FREE? but, there are options on some to upgrade should you choose to do so later down the road. i put them in my personal order of importance. AND how i use them! tbh - i am not a twitter & pinterest girl, but TF still has the handles.

before we get into the good stuff, i want to express the importance of not feeling discouraged if you don't have the same following/follower count as xyz. tbh, you don't know what xyz did to even get those followers. TRUST me, IG can be deceiving af babe. like for realz! SO instead of dwelling on the amount of followers you have, focus on the quality of followers you have. your focus needs to be on who your ideal client is & how you can help impact their life! OHHH SHIIII THAT WAS SOME INSIGHT! okiii! PS: i have to remind myself of this ALL the time.



*all titles can be clicked*

this is my personal favorite tool! the first thing you want to do is make sure your biz/brand IG is set to a business account. this will allow you to look at analytics & do ads/promotions should you want to. all you need to do is got to settings, account & at the bottom it should give you the option to switch to business account. and cue youtube vid, here! it helps to see! IG is in my opinion the best marketing tool. literally everyone across the world uses IG. what i love most about IG is how creative you can now be! you can create true in the moment opportunities to connect with your followers/clients. use all the tools available to ya! why not?!

just like IG the reach you have on FB is vast af! this is another place to create a FB biz account/like page! cue youtube vide, here. i have found that depending on age, some clients will choose FB over IG! having both is V important. you prob already know this, but you can post simultaneously on both. in other words, when you post something to IG you can send it to your FB community. if you have a brick and mortar, you can add hours of operations & your physical address as well. having a FB biz page also allows clients to check-in when they visit your biz! the more interaction the better.

ya girl does not do graphic design, but she does do canva! i discovered canva right when i started TF, about 7 years ago. AND it has helped me SO much over the years. canva is about to be your new best friend when it comes to all things design for your biz/brand. when starting out, you might not want to spend a shiii tone on graphic design needs. i get it, canva can help. i JUST chose to upgrade on canva bc it allows you to import your personal branding kit for quick usage. + other perks! but, like i said after YEARS of using the free tool, i just decided to upgrade.

bihhhhh this is my obsession & i upgraded on this app immediately! but of course, your choice. consider this your posting & content planner for you biz. it helps you stay organized, plan ahead & create a cohesive look for your IG biz platform. AND it's legit SO easy to use! i use it every single day!

like i said, twitter is not really my thing. embarrassed to say that if you go to my twitter it's been a min since i tweeted. but to each his own! i don't want to harp on this one, bc don't think i am the right person to do so. who knows, maybe someday i'll get really into it. for now, i just made sure to secure my handle! anyone want to run my twitter for me? hollllla!

another tool i secured my handle through that i don't activate that much is pinterest. that being said, i want to be more proactive via pinterest! i personally use it to search for things all the time, so i know it could do wonders for a biz to activate it! on the real, it's a great tool! i think depending on your industry it could really help bring in lot's of clients. things i personally use it for include recipe searches, design ideas & even outfit inspo! anyone want to run my account? holllla!


📝sign up is now open to attend my first FREE biz connect! i am SO excited to see 35 of 50 spots already taken! that means ONLY 15 spots left. have you signed up yet? what are you waiting for? sign up, here.

i hope this helped inspire you & educate you on all things FREE marketing must haves. if you would like to set up a in depth biz consult with me or connect on how we can work together, contact me! a list of my services can be found under the hire me tab, here. i take clients virtually or in person!

leave me a comment if you enjoy content like this! next week i will cover the importance of opening a separate bank account!


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