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fav easy af go-to smoothie! + benefits!

baby sanchez is learning to love his greens early! smoothies are a go to in my house! alllll the things blended together for a fast af & tasty meal, yas please!

+ let's talk about all the amazing benefits of the right ingredients.

but first, woah bumpin!! legit my son is having a major growth spurt right now. third trimester is not playing any games. AT ALL! and mama feels it. lol. PS: i live in this look. remember how i told you babes that i haven't bought anything maternity, well it's true! at this point i am a few days shy of #35weekspregnant & still haven't purchased anything from the maternity section. BUT one thing is for sure, i have had to get a few comfy new tingz to lounge in. this is basically my prego look, legit wear this bralette & shorts on the reg. in case any of you mamas are looking for something comfy, i'll link it for ya! hop over to my shop, here!


the perfect blend of vegetables, fruits, proteins & fats!

  1. tablespoon of honey

  2. tablespoon of peanut butter

  3. half a banana

  4. half an avocado

  5. cup of plain greek yogurt

  6. cup of kale

  7. 1/2 cup of frozen peaches

  8. cup of cold water


  1. easy on the go option

  2. helps control food cravings

  3. leaves you feeling fuller, LONGER

  4. a powerful source of fiber

  5. gets that skin glowin

  6. helps boot your metabolism

  7. good for the gut

  8. nutrient dense

  9. easy way to include food groups into your meal plan that you usually don't otherwise eat

  10. ...AND MUCH MORE!

enjoy! this was SO tasty! next time i will share my fav berry & beat smoothie recipe!

much love,

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