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cue curls...

with quarantine and pregnancy came the want to rock my natural hair! hello she was feeling low maintenance with no shame, periot. hence my new goal to get my natural curls poppin again commenced.

okay but first, let's talk about the rabbit hole i got sucked into on youtube. legit watched so many vids about #thecurlygirlmethod (watch the vid). if you have never heard of it, it's a WHOLE curly hair situation. like a WHOLE method on how to manage dem curls. on the real, i applaud the women who stick to it full force! get it sista. legit i am impressed af.

i took some tips from the many vids watched and put my own realistic twist on it. knowing myself, the full method was tooo much to handle. because it's a process & requires more time then i got. but again, deff got bomb tips and product suggestions from my research. here are the few things i learned. let's keep it still learning. OH AND, i got my first real haircut in like 8 years. TRUE.

let's get into it!



ekkkk this is so embarrassing! all of that hair below my finger was DEAD AF. i legit called REES, my hairdresser, to ask why the bottom of my hair wouldn't curl.

he was REAL AF: "jenny that ish is dead & gotta go"

so the next day i booked my first haircut in almost 8 years. swear. but don't get it twisted i had to wait a cute almost two months to go into the salon due to covid. i was always against a true cut. for some reason my idea of feeling sexy came with long hair. well bitch if that long hair is dead af, what's sexy about that? I KNOW. I KNOW. we took off like 5/6 inches! AND i am obsessed. the curls started to poppin from the cut alone. no more dead hair hanging! allllllll my healthy hair was alive and well. lesson learned, don't wait to get a cut! i made myself a promise to get a trim every 6/8 weeks so this doesn't happen again, healthy hair goals.

ps: get you a stylist as patient as rees! if you are in HTX go to my boo. i have been a loyal client for over 7 years! you can peep his insta, here. shoot him a DM!


quote that says "this is tough, but so am I"

its been a few weeks since my cut and honey things are on the uppppp! my hair hasn't been this healthy in a V long time. i have made it my mission to stay away from heat. for almost 4 months, i haven't used heat on my hair! legit proud moment. before you come for me, ya girl had two blowouts. haha. it doesn't count if i didn't do it, right?



let me be clear, i am NO hair expert! nor am i sponsored by these products! AND shiiii these might not even all be the best things to be using. BUT... with all of that being said, these are the products that have got my hair poppin lately, so let me live. haha. since i am SO new to this whole rock the curls life, send hair product suggestions my way! i wanna try diff things till i am fully obsessed.

here is what i have been using for a few months + some tips!



  1. try to detangle/comb it out in the shower

  2. do not use a towel when drying your hair (i have been using a cotton t-shirt)

  3. don't brush out the curls post shower, you can use your fingers a bit if need be

  4. gently squeeze out the water, but not all of it

  5. i chose this shampoo & conditioner because "no sulfates, silicones, parabens or mineral oils"

*i am no expert & still learning, but this is what i have been doing thus far*


  1. karastase: i have been using this product since i was in middle school, it's a staple in my line up for hair care. note: a little bit goes a long way! helps with frizz & curl control.

  2. it's a 10 : another major staple for me!

  3. cantu leave in conditioner : new to this product, but so far loving it

  4. cantu moisturizing curl activator cream : new to this product, but so far loving it


  1. after you gently squeeze water out apply the it's a 10 for any final detangling needs & run fingers through hair

  2. apply the karastase next & don't over do it

  3. then throw in a shiiii tone of the leave in conditioner & moisturizing curl activator cream

  4. start to scrunch your curls creating a hard af cast

  5. scrunch out the crunch instructional, V helpful visually (TY YOUTUBE)

*i am no expert & still learning, but this is what i have been doing thus far*

and that's where my curly hair poppin lifestyle is right now! i want to keep it up. i feel like my hair is SO healthy right now & it makes life a little easier. going natural never hurt nobody! don't get it twisted, i still love playing with diff lewks. who knows maybe i will go all red everything again on day. if you don't know, peep here! haha.

hope this helped inspire you to try something new! rock what ya go girl, wtf not.

have an amazing day! chat soon!

much love,

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