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creating a powerful biz name using TF 3M METHOD

as promised via IG last week, over the next 5 weeks you can expect an in depth breakdown of my 5 key elements to launching/starting your own biz! this week i am covering the importance behind creating a powerful biz name! AND giving you some tools to feel empowered & confident through the process. let's get started!

dhf announces their closure for the covid-19 pandemic

naming a biz is never easy! anyone who says it's a piece of cake hasn't done the proper bts work for success & longevity. trust me, i have done it several times! AND helped many clients do it too. in my opinion, naming your business is the first BIG step/decision you make as a business owner. it's a decision that can truly impact the success of your biz. by creating a clear & powerful name, you can set yourself up for impeccable branding potential. i developed the TF "3M METHOD" to help guide my clients through the naming process! TF 3M METHOD is something i use regularly with my clients as we navigate biz naming discussions & brainstorm sessions at the startup stages of a biz. for the first time ever, i am sharing an inside look at my processes with all of you!

*note: i won't cover certain 3M process details, those are reserved for my clients. good news, you can hire me!*


3M METHOD: meaningful, memorable & monumental


purpose behind your name.

make sure your biz name identifies what you do and/or who you do it for. the purpose is the identity, the why.

you gotta love it.

as the business owner, the name becomes a part of your identity. if you don't love it, keep searching for the right fit. changing the name of your biz later is not worth it & will cause confusion for your target audience.

have it stand for something.

this is something you have to think about! you want the name to have a positive message reflected back on your biz. think of key words that associate to your biz, this will help kickstart your idea flow.


keep it simple.

don't over complicate your biz name! you want it to be unique, but clear. not to be confused with generic. generic is bad! don't try to replicate a competitor or similar brand, that's a big hell no.

catchy or nah.

you want to make sure your target audience can remember the name you have selected, it has to stand out! when you see or say your name, think about the initial feels you get.

test the biz name out.

grab your most trusted family or friends and see what they think. does it resonate with them, can they feel a spark? another thing to do is say the name aloud. experts say if it doesn't sound good aloud, hard pass.


secure your domain.

if you want to create impact & longevity, you'll need a site! every successful biz is able to secure their name as the site domain.

trademark it.

a successful business owner knows to search if they can TM their name. you can search if your name is already trademarked, here. this gives you power over your biz name!

think big, LLC.

head over to your secretary of state’s records to make sure the biz name you selected (1) doesn't exist or (2) isn't too similar to a business name that’s already registered. if it's too similar to an existing biz, you won't be able to register it.


i hope this helped inspire you & educate you on the business naming process. my method has helped my clients & i name many businesses, it works. if you would like to set up a in depth biz naming consultation with me or connect on how we can work together, contact me! a list of my services can be found under the hire me tab, here. i take clients virtually or in person! TF CONSULTING has become a passion project. i truly thrive being able to help others find success in what they love.

leave me a comment if you enjoy content like this!

next week i will cover the difference between getting a DBA vs. LLC!


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