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who is a millennial boss babe? or at least who is SHE to me. my view could very well be different than yours, cool np! my view: she is strong, confident, goal oriented, not afraid to push the limit & motivated to achieve greatness! all of this + challenging the norm. she is someone who is okay staying outside of the box in order to seek something bigger & better. she is seen as a leader & will always speak up. failure doesn’t scare her, but not trying does. giving up isn’t an option, she wants to learn & grow from every mistake.  that is my millennial boss babe.

with that, i am all in to be a millennial boss babe. you? now is your time to stop worrying what others might think and do what’s right for you! ya feel me. you get the chance to do it all, so do it all sis! it’s not about how, it’s about when. get it, get it!


something super important to me is being able to connect with you babes! connection is the foundation to ultimate success. that’s where millennial boss monday’s comes in! if you don’t follow me on IG yet, do it sis. why? bc i like to spit the truth about all things life. the good, the bad & the ugly. the millennial boss monday conversation is raw, authentic & fearless. all topics go! it doesn’t go down every monday, but when it does… it’s worth it!


theFITista is a millinnial boss babe! AND i am proud of that.

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